Monica Reilly, LMFT, Founder

Monica Reilly, LCSW

she/her/hers Monica believes deeply in each individual’s unique and innate ability to heal. She understands that people seek therapy because something is no longer working in their lives and that symptom of dissatisfaction and suffering may emerge simultaneously in mind, body, and spirit.  By creating an environment that allows her clients to explore their inner…

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Irene Anderson, LMFT, Founder

Irene Bond Anderson, LMFT

she/her/hers Working with couples and individuals, Irene’s therapeutic style is experiential, interactive, and client-centered. She is sensitive to each client’s unique background and context. Through a careful and nuanced exploration that takes place in the therapy process, Irene intends to equip her clients with a sense of compassion and awareness of self and the ability…

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